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FUELED BY  PASSION                             DRIVEN BY  RESULTS

                 We have the following talent that we call on daily to help you out on an ad-hoc basis.

                             Media strategists,                  Campaign                         Performance
                                planners                        management                          media
                               and buyers

              Social media                     Community                           Account
              strategists                       managers                         management

                               Developers                        Designers                         Video and

              Copywriters                        Bloggers                           SEO

                                                      WHY USE US?

                         1                                  2                                   3
          Expand your pool of resources without   Gone Digital resources are incentivised to   Gone Digital is incentivised to produce
          taking on all the individual staff costs to fulll   complete tasks effectively and quickly to   excellent outputs 100% of the time to
          short term projects.               maximise their earnings.            retain contracts.

                        4                                   5                                   6
          Senior resources when needed with proven   A partnership with one external provider to   Far greater knowledge base to draw on
          track record.                      solve multiple needs with less admin.  than what is possible to hire.
                        7                                   8                                   9

          Discretion - Gone Digital has access to   Cost effective way to grow your staff   Low HR risk in the event of client losses.
          enough resources to ensure no conicts   compliment to enable new client growth.
          with clients and all resources work under
          strict NDA's and SLA's.

                                      [ We also happen to be awesome people to work with! ]

            Luke - 083 302 9666  |  Robyn - 083 330 4018  |  Nicci - 072 326 5694  |  |